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ِBalad company perceives security services as a coherent system of human, material and administrative security measures and activities that seek concertedly towards implementing a specific program aimed at preventing and protecting the persons and the physical entity of the facility - in addition to its ts legal personality - from attempts that tamper with its assets and undermine the rigourisity of its activities. Al Balad provides efficient security services with a different concept from what is currently available in the country's private security sector, as the company relies on high quality standards in selecting work elements to provide distinguished security services and raise insurance rates to the highest levels applicable internationally.

Balad has a team specialized in managing security and guarding tasks at a high level of professionalism and technical performance. The company has technical cadres holding training courses in the field of industrial security, civil defense, fire and evacuation methods in order to secure factories and companies against the dangers of fire and natural disasters, as well as the presence of a group of specialists in this field to study the capabilities of sites and the availability of security and safety systems for fire fighting devices of various kinds. 

We also have employees who are able to develop emergency plans, protect facilities, evaluate and analyze risks according to national and international specifications and standards, assess the effectiveness and efficiency of equipment and devices used in the production process and safety systems, identify organizational, technical and human risks that lead to accidents and potential disasters. Additionally, our trained cadres have tremendous experience in rescuing and providing first aid, transporting and evacuating the injured, and preparing maps in the areas of emergencies, crises and disasters. It also designs and implements all firefighting networks with engineers specialized in this field who are recognized for their high efficiency.



We differ from other companies working in this field because the operation starts from the administration and ends with the security personnel following up on the client on a daily basis, informing him of any changes that occur on the site. Daily and monthly reports are prepared for the clients by our administrative staff.


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Phone: +964 750 902 7777


Address: Hajar Group Bldg, 100M St,  Naz Naz

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