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Balad Security Company

Balad Security offers variety of armed and unarmed security services to cater to your needs, all our security staff are well-trained to accommodate the client's needs and to, above all, safeguard their well being.

Our Mission

At Balad Security our vision is to become a leading supplier of Close Protection Officers, Door Supervisors and Security Personnel in Iraq . With our expert knowledge and experienced fully licensed personnel, Balad Security offers a professional, high quality “tailor made” service, aiming to exceed every client’s expectations. Balad Security actively recruits individuals who share our core values and who understand our mission and want to be part of fulfilling it.

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Security Solution Company In Kurdistan 


Protective Services 

Facilitating and organising physical security to the highest standard.


K9 Services 

Our dog teams provide a prompt and specialised response to bomb threats and other dangerous items that may present a threat to clients’ assets and lives. Unlike traditional guard dogs, K9 dogs are gentle, intelligent and non-threatening in nature.


Enabling Services 

Government liaison is another key enabling service Balad provides. At the government level, an inner understanding of how Kurdish bureaucracy works coupled with an insight into how the Ministries work. Balad can provide advice and direction to our clients to help them manage bureaucracy and overcome any problems. This also includes visa services and business licensing.



If you are working as a security officer, it's vital you understand how to keep people and property safe. This includes managing and responding to alarm systems, and ensuring that only people who are supposed to be in area are.

Where we operate 





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100 MSt, 87 St Naz Naz Qr, Erbil,Iraq

+964 0750 700 1397

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