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About US

Balad  Security launched in 2013 in order to cater for the security needs of local and international companies working in Kurdistan. Our first major contract was to provide security services for the Hajar Group , Yanabi Delta company , Majd AL-Iraq  Company ,Aula Alnuha Company ,Fair Trade Company ,Lareen HotelMirza Exhibation  Rafand Shop , Gardi Gas Station , we are employed on projects throughout the whole of Kurdistan.

Balad Security expanded its business to include Personal Security Details trained to international standards and led by expatriate Close Protection Officers (CPOs) in both overt B6 armored vehicles as well as covert soft skin vehicles. Personnel were supplied to a number of consulates and embassies. We also began providing security expertise and guards for shopping malls and hotels.

Balad Security have developed a risk assessment and associated security plan capability including Emergency Response, Evacuation and auditing which have become part of our daily business. Balad Security now offers a full spectrum of risk and security services to national and international clients. We focus on the area we perform best in: providing our clients tailor made cost effective security solutions in any and all circumstances and environments.

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